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i forgot the times:

Beauty Boys: 5 in the p.m.

Casino Night: 7 at night.

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ASMS Whines about Not Getting Enough Kids from the Bham Area

In a front page article in the Birmingham News, our neighbor school to the south, the Alabama School of Math and Science complained about their low enrollment numbers from the greater Birmingham and Huntsville areas and blamed it on schools withholding information and hostile principals.  For some reason, the author of the article overlooked the fact that there was another better state gifted school with an especially strong math/science program in Birmingham, and maybe a lot of the kids who might have gone to ASMS found a better alternative closer to home (early on too).  Thoughts, anyone?

Art Underground

So I finally got everything past Pat Taylor, she thinks its a really good idea and sees no reason's why we can't have it. She ran it past Briding Adams who said it would be fine if we held it in the bank building across the street. There is some other event thing that uses or will use the bank building at some point. So we're just gonna have to try and be flexible and wing it. So right now we need to start advertising that this WILL definantly happen. Once we get the word out we can begin other phases of planning. We need to start booking kids to do whatever it is that they're wanting to do. So once we get the word out we can start that. This won't happen for at least a month so everyone aught to have time to work on things.

Also if you want to make a flier or fliers or something just give them to me and I'll make sure their distributed.


Here is my proposal which I'm gonna try and present tomorrow.  And if not tomorrow then later this week.  I'm almost certain I can get approval for it.  I'm also almost certain it can be gotten without having to compromise much.

Oh and I decided to call it Art Underground (even though its not really all that underground) for lack of a better name.


                                                                         Proposal for Art Underground

          There are many students who are multifaceted, when it comes to the types of skills they possess.  There needs to be a way for those students to display work that they don’t normally get to display in an artistic environment where they may gain input from other like-minded artists.  There are also many students who have artistic interests or styles are different from what their teachers would like to see from them. This serves as a way for them to express themselves and get input on work that their teachers may not be in support of.

          To create an Outlet for unfulfilled artists who desire an environment where they can express themselves in whatever medium they choose.

          Free admission
          Positive environment
          Limited censorship
          A relatively high level of seriousness
          Allow for constructive criticism
          Hold it frequently enough without demeaning it

          Open to grades 9-12
          Open to all departments
          There would be a gallery for the display of visual arts
          There would be a place for performing arts
          Attendance of certain teachers restricted
          Located in whatever space available

Reasons for the school to host it:
         All necessary facilities are present at the school
         Would help keep the first two objectives
         Would be a comfortable familiar environment
         Centralized location

Student-led Council:
          Elected by last years student-led council
          1 member from each department
          Chosen based on dedication, creativity and seniority; in that order
          The Council plans the event including, but not limited to: time, date, duration, order of events, etc.

Here's the plan.

I believe it is time to create something big. I think we should try and create an event that showcases the various artistic works of students to other students (and select teachers). I know that we have coffee house and we have performances etc, but I think we need something that allows students to show off their talents in any and all artistic media. I'm sick of teachers being the ones who get to say what is and what is not good art. I think that the artistically inclined of us should be able to chose what we think is art and display it in a comfortable and pressure-free zone.

Here are basically the major points of it:

-Welcome to all majors
-Welcome to grades 9-12
-As free of censureship as legally/slightly-illegaly possible
-No departmental teachers allowed(I just think it would be a good idea to keep the "art experts" out of it)
-Done as often as we could manage without it getting old
-All forms of art allowed; visual, spoken, written, musical, dance, theatrical, what-the-fuck-ever
-Keep it as uncommercial as possible, meaning no entrance fee, and no kids interupting so they can try and sell you pizza and shit you don't want.

If we did indeed do this thing I think that we need a council of at least 6 no more than 8 kids, the council would work out like this:

-Ideally consist of one creative and dedicated person from each department
-Generally seniority would come first unless the more senior people sucked
-The council from the year before would choose the council for the next year

Anyway, I think that this would be really good for us and the school if we could pull it off. I think that this year all of our majors have gotten really shitty and we are having to produce shit that we don't have our hearts into. I think that an event like this would be a good way to put what we think is art out there.

Alright so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas then please post. If we can drum up enough support for this then I'll personally propose this to Northrop, Lundstrom, departmental heads or whoever I have to, to get it to work.

Also if you want to be on the council or whatever for this project then post and leave your name, department and grade.


I'm still trying to give a shit about our school.

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Achtung! This is the official livejournal of I Am Worf, Son of Mogue Productions. As many of you may know, I.A.W.S.O.M. is responsible for such fine films as GRADY LOVES GRAVY, PEACHES, and GRADY HATES GRAVY.

G.H.G was supposed to "premiere" at coffee house, but there WAS NO coffee house this semester. WTF, mate.

Anyway, we are currently starting production on our next feature: His Thirst was Legendary, a modern day action extravaganza in which the awesomeness of samurai meets the awesomeness of alcohol. This film will be slated to premiere at the spring coffee house, if there is one.

(On that note: if the theater department is too busy to do coffee house, which is understandable, then they should pass the duties on to a department that does absolutely nothing all the time. Say ... creative writing? Just an idea.)

Feel free to ask questions/make suggestions, et cetera. Feedback is also welcome, but only if it's lavish praise that borders on fellatio.

Also: DVD prices are as follows:

Grady Loves Gravy: $3
Peaches: $5
Grady Hates Gravy: $5

If you want a copy/several copies, you can submit orders here via comment, and we'll work something out. (All DVDs include sweet bonus features!)